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Hundreds, and hundreds of

People have Been 


With my innovative process

Gina Herd, LCSW

For over 15 years, Ms. Herd studied the cause, symptoms, and diagnosis of anxiety, eating disorders, and depression. She has since developed a clinical process that has a 100% cure rate for those with anxiety. This technique is effective for children, adults, and couples

Prepare to change within the first 30 days

The Process

Anxiety is a debilitating disorder. I am here to tell you that you don't have to live with racing thoughts, pain in your body (panic attacks) or constant fear. Anxiety can be cured. My process is simple, aggressive, and highly effective.

You can choose to be treated individually or in our group process. In our group process you will be with 4 of your peers who suffer in the same way that you do. You will all come out of anxiety at the same time and have the shared experience and support you need. 

Laura S.


Ms. Herd was my 9th therapist. I realized that I had been living in a trance, never able to be present, my whole life was that way. I am so grateful for this technique and that I didn't give up.

2 locations located in Forest Hills and Manhattan


is not readily used, medication is not your only option

Group session

are conducted as individual,

one-on-one attention

I am dedicated

to your CURE. Support from me is available by phone, email or social media

Select Insurance

providers are accepted

I offer 100% guarantee that you will become anxiety free and cured, after your 11 month group session commitment.  


I am so sure, vested, and trusting in my process that I guarantee that you will live a life, anxiety free within one year of committing yourself to being CURED.


Join us for your 


 You won't regret it

Forest Hills Location











Forest Hills  Location




"I want to heal

in numbers


I can't reach my

goal alone"

-Gina Herd, LCSW

Will you help?

Learn how to CURE

This is a 1- year program for therapist. 

During this 1- year intensive program, I will walk you through step by step, my exact process for curing anxiety with a 100% cure rate.

This program is for therapist who want to improve their patients' satisfaction, health, overall well being, and life.

Your calendar will be booked upon completing this program. 

Patients want to be cured. Most therapist are sounding boards for their patients and are NOT curing their anxiety. Do not be that therapist. 

Make a difference. Invest in your career. Change lives. 

I have received countless praise and thanks for my work from my patients. I want that for you. I want to provide you with a course that will change your career trajectory because you will be changing the lives of your patients.